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Our Services

Our Health Services Include

  • 24/7 Urgent and Non-Urgent Medical Consultations
  • Treatment On the Spot with Oral, Intramuscular, or Intravenous Medications
  • Minor Surgical Procedures
  • Bedside labs including Influenza, Strep and COVID-19 Rapid Tests
  • COVID-19 Molecular Swab Test
  • Prescription Refills
  • Medical Certificates
  • Insurance Medicals and Fitness-To-Fly
  • Medication Dispensing and Delivery
  • IV Therapy

At Concierge Medical Services PSC we make your healthcare service delivery on the spot at the comfort of your own hotel room, home, or office through Telemedicine. Our Virtual Clinic has the following features:

  • 2–way HD video
  • HIPAA Compliant and Secure
  • Send Prescriptions Electronically
  • Waiting Time is usually of about 15 minutes or less
  • Connect From Anywhere, Anytime
  • Medical Billing
  • Automated Patient Engagement
  • Electronic Record saved for Follow Up Management and Treatment

Some stats from our work

Patients treated
United States
Puerto Rico

How it Works

1. Register or log in.

We’ll ask you a few simple questions, including a brief medical history and your current symptoms. Finally, we’ll ask you to choose a pharmacy and provide us with your payment information.

2. Request an appointment

Select a time that best fit your busy schedule OR request to be seen ASAP. If request to be seen ASAP, the doctor will fit you into his schedule at his earliest time available. Then receive the chat consultation with Dr. Torres using your own smart phone, tablet or computer.

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Key Benefits of a Online Clinic

Doctor Available 24/7
Via a brief interview our doctor will determine the nature and urgency of the client’s complaint
A thorough evaluation of the client’s needs will be made and a management plan developed.
Request an evisit today
If uncommon or specific medications are required, our doctor will issue a prescription to the client.
If the patient requires in-hospital treatment, our doctor will arrange for the patient to be transported to the hospital.
The doctor will give the patient a receipt and invoice which the patient can use to claim back from his/her medical insurance.